Company Profile

Merranda was borne out of a partnership between Directors Mark Dindas and Stevan Matovic, who have resourcefully integrated design and construction into one cohesive process with a single point of accountability. With over 70 years combined experience in property and construction related industries, Merranda offer a superior level of knowledge and expertise in all areas of property development, from initial procurement and design, to final construction and management.

Mark’s background is embedded in the timber and building construction industry. In his role as Managing Director of reputable Brisbane based project management company, Australian Building Components, Mark is directly responsible for the development of quality commercial, industrial, retail and low rise/medium density residential property. Australian Building Components is committed to the provision of exceptional service delivery standards, outstanding project development and sound investment prospects.

Stevan is an award winning architect who has for many years embraced the design of environmentally sustainable residential and commercial premises around Australia, in his role as Managing Director of architectural firm, Matovic Partnership. From award winning luxury homes to cost-efficient, multi-residential developments and time sensitive commercial structures, Matovic Partnership deliver intelligent, quality and customised design concepts to suit all client requirements.

By combining this great wealth of knowledge and expertise, as well as employing a range of additional services across all stages of project development, carefully executed to ensure maximum time and cost efficiency, Merranda have the skill and flexibility to customise service solutions to meet and exceed client expectations.