Our Products & Services

Merranda firmly believe in and actively pursue the development of products which not only meet the market needs of today, but which also incorporate the fundamental components necessary to ensure future growth and stability.

As property developers, Merranda appreciate that a great deal of background work is required in order to accurately identify a prospective development zone. Cognisant of this fact, intensive research is undertaken from the outset, including customer and competitor analyses, to ensure that all relevant parties understand and anticipate changing trends in the identified market, in order to facilitate innovative solutions and guarantee that the company acts in the interests of investors.

Merranda undergo a process whereby they identify a locality for possible development, undertake the necessary due diligence and feasibility studies, standardise market information against a stringent set criteria, carry out a detailed review of all project requirements including operating costs, schedules, cost estimating, budgets, logistics and phasing, review local planning conditions and/or restrictions, determine if building design values will add to and be supportive of the site and surrounds, and ultimately decide whether the project is capable of being a sound, solid, sustainable investment for all relevant stakeholders. Once the development is in progress, Merranda then address the other key issues of marketing and management.

So in essence, Merranda:

  • Purchase
  • Design
  • Develop, and
  • Market


Quality, Sustainable Property.

The strength of resources and breadth of skill available enable Merranda to add value and reduce risk at all stages of project development.